Healthcare Disruption – #HealthDisruptors Blab Chat – May 17, 2016

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When Melissa McCool (MindStile and STI Innovations) and I (Healthcare Scene) first started Healthcare Entrepreneurs, I think we both desired to have our discussions be about more than just entrepreneurship. Plus, we both thought of the concept of entrepreneurs in a much broader context. For example, we believe you that you can be an “entrepreneur” even at a large company. We were more interested in the spirit of healthcare entrepreneurship than we were whether someone had started their own company or not.

Plus, as we started to do these interviews with healthcare entrepreneurs on Blab, I got really disappointed by how stagnant the conversations were. One of the things that attracted Melissa and I to blab and why we wanted to host these video chats together was that past video blabs had been so dynamic and unpredictable. We enjoyed the serendipitous nature of the blabs and wildly expansive conversations that took place.

While we enjoyed our initial Healthcare Entrepreneur chats, we realized that they missed out on the dynamic nature of other blabs we’d done. Plus, they were very similar to many other Healthcare Scene interviews I was doing already. I even talked to someone who attended one of our Healthcare Entrepreneur chats and asked why they didn’t hop on camera, ask questions, or join the discussion. The person told me that they felt like they’d be interrupting if they’d joined.

Healthcare Disruptors Launch
With this experience and insight as background, Melissa and I decided that we needed to make a few tweaks to our previous chats. First, we’ve decided to rename our discussion to the Health Disruptors Blab Chat. Soon we’ll convert the website and branding to the new domain. Hopefully this will include anyone interested in doing something interesting and disruptive in healthcare.

New Blab Chat Format
Taking inspiration from Twitter chats which are open, interactive and inclusive, we wanted to create a similar format for our Health Disruptors blab chats. Instead of becoming a formal interview, the goal is to have as many people participate on camera and in the Blab chat area as possible. Melissa and I will just be the organizers and facilitators of the chat, but the video content and discussion will go wherever the community wants to take it. Yes, that will likely lead to some interesting off topic conversations. I won’t be surprised if as much value is gleaned in the chat room as the videos.

We’re planning invite people to host future Health Disruptors chats (let us know if you’re interested). Similar to a Twitter chat, as host you’d come up with the topic and questions that will inspire the discussion and then hop on camera to help us facilitate the discussion. The great thing is that we’re inventing something new. So, there’s no way you can screw it up.

Our First Health Disruptors Blab Chat!
We’re really excited to be holding our first Health Disruptors Blab chat on May 17, 2016 at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT). Yes, we realize this is late for many of you on the east coast, but that should make for some fun late night conversations. Most of the health disruptors I know send me emails at all hours of the day and night, so hopefully this time will work out for most. We can reevaluate it if needed.

Melissa and I will co-host the first Health Disruptors chat where we thought it fitting to talk about “Healthcare Disruption.” To start the discussion, here’s the big overarching question we’d like to discuss along with some questions that dive a little deeper into the topic.

Big Question:

  • Where do you see disruption happening in healthcare?

Diving Deeper:

  • Is there really anything disruptive in healthcare? Are government and regulation killing disruption?
  • What can we do to better facilitate disruption in healthcare?
  • Should healthcare be disrupted?
  • What disruptions will work in combination to shock the health system?
  • Who and what companies are being most disruptive to healthcare?

If you’ve never used blab before, it’s really easy to use. You can watch and participate in the chat on blab itself or in the embed below. Just visit this blog post or the blab page on May 17, 2016 at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT) and you can join in on the conversation.

We’re planning to start off holding these monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. That means you can put June 21st at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT) on your calendars for the 2nd Health Disruptors blab. If people like them enough, we’ll do them more often.

Also, feel free to use the #HealthDisruptors hashtag for things you learn or hear on the blab chat as well. Thanks in advance for those who spread the word about this new endeavor. We think it could grow into a really special community.

Finally, Melissa and I did a quick intro blab where we fleshed out the ideas for Health Disruptors. You can find the recording of it: