Welcome to Healthcare Entrepreneurs!

Posted on January 12, 2016 I Written By

Welcome to the future home of Healthcare Entrepreneurs. We’re excited to create this new site focused on the challenges that healthcare entrepreneurs face. It’s not easy doing any startup, but healthcare startup companies have many unique challenges. Over time we’re sure to talk about those unique challenges, but also the challenges that apply to starting a company in any industry.

While we hope that many others will enjoy our conversations about building a healthcare company, there’s no doubt that we’re hosting these conversations as much for our own benefit as others. The great part is that we’ll be using Blab to host our Healthcare Entrepreneurs chat, so you can join us on the healthcare entrepreneur journey as well. We want as many healthcare entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, stories, insights, and challenges as we can get.

We’ll be posting all our archived Healthcare Entrepreneur chats on YouTube as well if you want to subscribe to our channel. We may even push them out as podcasts for those who prefer to listen to them that way.

We look forward to sharing our journey as Healthcare Entrepreneurs!